Just want to say thank you for everyone who has ordered. We are nearly out of stock of everything and will be updating all stock in the coming week. Its getting very hard to get pets as people want you to over pay.

New features!

The website now features a system where you can pay a minimum price. So for instance if the product has “Suggested price: £xxx” this means you can offer a price so it might be £10/$10 but if you offer say £8/$8 it might get accepted and that’s the price you pay! Pretty cool. If you want to pay full price you can do that too. Or pay in the middle you can. The lower price is the minimum I will accept for the pet or item.


We have a lot of people who can not afford the price of pets. We really try to make them cheap as possible but we price them on the amount of pets we have to give. We could buy pets for robux off people but there is a high risk of you and us getting banned. We find it slightly unethical too. We ONLY trade for our pets.

So coming soon we will be doing sweepstakes where you can buy a ticket and have a 1 in 200 chance of getting it. These are fantastic odds, and the winner will be picked at random. It will be recorded and uploaded to the website to show no foul play. We did this before on eBay and it was an instant hit! BUT eBay does not allow this to happen so we will now be doing on here. You have a real chance to win a pet.

First pet to be added is a mega shadow dragon! ticket will be £4 (It will convert into your currency) and 200 will be sold. Once 200 are sold, we will announce a winner! this will be recorded and both our names will be hidden.