New pets are on the way!

If you have any pets that you would like please message us and we will resver the pet for you. We have some new pets coming Wednesday, even some new megas!

Blog coming soon.

I am creating a new blog on how parents can stop they’re kids from getting scammed on adopt me online. We have had our little ones scammed many times. Once we explained they could only trade when we were there they understood the value of pets and what they are worth. Kids don’t understand the “value” of these pets so do bad trades. Then they cry or feel upset once the found out that it was a bad trade and they then call that “scammed” when really they where not scammed in the way you think. The person sometimes tells your kids that if they give them a free pet in return they will get their dream pet (or dp) which is not what happens they run. In the blog post I tell you how you can find these scammers and get your pet back.


People have reported that the search does not search only shows a drop down which my website designers are working on to fix 🙂