Pet Pricing Right Now

As you can prob see pet prices are skyrocketing right now. We have stopped selling some pets until the prices calm down as I have to charge nearly three times the price for a normal FR frost dragon right now. Im refusing to buy pet and I refuse to sell them for these ridiculous prices.

How do you get pets?

We trade for 65% of our pets the other part we either buy from sellers or trade robux for them. We make sure all our pets are clean and not “dupped” or stolen from other kids. But right now sellers who sell pets are charging crazy prices and I refuse to buy them. If more people stop buying them for this price they will tank back down to the original price.

There is not even a high demand of players right now in adopt me so Im not sure why pet prices are shooting to the moon.

We will sell all the normal pets again once the prices come down x




Sorry to all our customers first of all as all coupons have been removed.

They will be replaced next week with an automatic 25% off nearly all pets (Minus some bigger pets like mega shadow and mega bat dragon) this will be going on until Cyber Monday the 29th Of November.

A new instagram will be set up too soon I will update this post once its ready.

Thank you to all our loyal customers,

Regards, Rebecca x

Product Update – The BIGGEST Update on the website…

Product Update – The BIGGEST Update on the website update since we launched. The website has been hard to navigate on mobile and iPad which this update will fix that. New categories will be added and easy one click push button to all the pets within that category will be displayed. We can now pretty much get any pet within mins to you.

If there is a pet that’s not on the website just give us a quick message in the chat box on the bottom right. We are on 9am – 11pm Sunday to Sunday GMT time.


The website will look funny for a few hours while we do these updates.