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Hello all!

Its Rebecca, we have recently been made away of people copying us. I mean cloning our website and selling pets. Please, please, please do not fall for scams. Our website is it will always be this, we have customers message us all the time asking for their pets and they haven’t bought from us as, they have used another website and get confused thinking they have used us.

We are the most reliable pet seller online. Do not fall for scams.

Any question just message us to the bottom right of this page, its a live chat and I will try to help you.

Thank you

Rebecca, owner of


Sorry to all our customers first of all as all coupons have been removed.

They will be replaced next week with an automatic 25% off nearly all pets (Minus some bigger pets like mega shadow and mega bat dragon) this will be going on until Cyber Monday the 29th Of November.

A new instagram will be set up too soon I will update this post once its ready.

Thank you to all our loyal customers,

Regards, Rebecca x

Product Update – The BIGGEST Update on the website…

Product Update – The BIGGEST Update on the website update since we launched. The website has been hard to navigate on mobile and iPad which this update will fix that. New categories will be added and easy one click push button to all the pets within that category will be displayed. We can now pretty much get any pet within mins to you.

If there is a pet that’s not on the website just give us a quick message in the chat box on the bottom right. We are on 9am – 11pm Sunday to Sunday GMT time.


The website will look funny for a few hours while we do these updates.


Please if you order send me your username as I am now starting to refund people who have not giving the usernames. Its makes us look like scammers when you have not received your pet! And its waiting for you.

Email me:

Also from today I will be on a break, I have spent the last 5 months on here none stop and just need a break. I am around but you must message me on the chat if you want the pet like asap. Thank you! x

Rebecca, Owner x

Buy Adopt Me Pets Online

Adopt me is among the most played games with more than 50 million users every month. This game’s primary focus is to create a world where the adoption of pets, raising, and collecting various pets is possible. The player is allowed to decorate their houses and unlock vehicles. The player can do most of these activities without paying a single coin, but they are motivated to sell items that enable them to adopt rarer pets as they progress.

There are five main types of pets the player can access;

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Ultra-rare
  • Legendary

When the player buys an expensive egg, they have a high chance of hatching rarer pets. Presently, there are about 74 pets players can hatch in this game.

Event is another type of pet you can purchase, with pumpkin and scoob being the two available as of now. These are temporary, and after some time, they are eliminated from the inventories. Like the common pets, this age fast. While in the inventory, these pets are categorized together with common items, pets, and vehicles.

Pets can be classified using different criteria.

Rarity pets include pets under the following categories;

  • Event pets
  • Common pets
  • Uncommon pets
  • Rare pets
  • Ultra rare pets
  • Legendary

Purchasing these pets is through obtaining specific types of eggs. For instance, when you want to buy jungle pets, you must obtain a jungle egg.

Robux pets

These pets are those that cost the player Robux, and some of them are unavailable and can only be obtained through trading. For instance, horse pet which is an ultra-rare pet goes for 300, and it is available. Guardian Lion, a legendary pet, goes for 199.

Gamepass pets

These pets, unlike the Robux pets, are always available. Some of these pets include;

  • Horse
  • Sloth
  • Robo Dog
  • Griffin
  • Panda
  • Guardian Lion
  • Kitsune

Event pets

These are pets obtained during specific events such as;

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Winter holiday

To sum up, Adopt me game is the most favorite game played by most people. It is interesting because you do not only get to purchase pets but also get free pets. We have many in stock to buy, check them out here.