General questions

Buying pets from online or eBay is against the adopt me rules.  But we add safe guards to make sure that the transaction is 100% natural looking and we use old accounts making sure we don’t look suspicions 

Im based in the UK, so If im online and not sleeping you will get it with 5/15 mins. Please remember to add your username in the notes. This will speed up you getting your pet.

We add each other on roblox, you add the username we give you once you purchase. Then we arrange to go on adopt me the game and trade. Please add a sandwich or free food in the trade.

Yes, please add free food or free item.

We will keep the pet for you for up to 2 months. after that we will refund you.

Everyday new pets are in stock 🙂

Other questions

Sorry we are a business and dont hand out free pets unless we give you one for being super nice 😀 x

Sometimes we do. We dont really keep them in stock because:


  1. its high risk if someones tries to do a chargeback (Which we 9/10 win)
  2. They are hard to get as people want you to over pay. And therefore I would need to charge so much as they can take up to three neon giraffes and adds.


I am like you, I trade to get pets. Sometimes I have to source them and pay money to get them myself as neon giraffes are very hard to get and again people want you to overpay to get them. But all pets are got from ethical sources. My little girl was scammed and its heart breaking, we could NEVER do that. Ever.

Its a shop so just add the pet or pets you want to your cart and then complete the checkout, then pay either with credit card or PayPal.

Yes contact us: