Mega Neon Shadow Dragon Adopt Me 

Mega Neon Shadow Dragon
Mega Neon Shadow Dragon

The Mega Neon form of the Shadow Dragon has its horns, inner wings, and back scales cycling through different colors of the rainbow. Originally, the areas on the Mega Neon Shadow Dragon that shifted through blue and white. It was later updated so the areas cycle through different colors of the rainbow.


  • Sit – Newborn
  • Lay Down – Junior
  • Joy – Pre-Teen
  • Jump – Teen
  • Dive – Post-Teen
  • Shadow Breath – Full Grown


  • It has one exclusive trick: Shadow Breath.
  • The Shadow Dragon is the second dragon to be released and was released after the original Dragon, but with a brand new model.
  • The Frost Dragon is a variation of the Shadow Dragon in cyan and light blue with curved horns, fewer spikes, and a chest with a non-visible rib cage. The Frost Dragon also bears a similar exclusive trick to Shadow Breath, called Frost Breath.
  • The Mega Neon version used to cycle through only two colors – blue and white. It has now been updated so that it now cycles through the entire rainbow.
  • The Shadow Dragon was originally planned to be a permanent Robux pet, similar to the Griffin, Horse, Panda, Kitsune, Cerberus, and Robo Dog but due to backlash on Twitter (because of misconceptions), they followed the community’s requests to make the pet limited. In the same Twitter post, they mentioned that they “would be more clear next time” with their intentions, and this resulted in the Frost Dragon released in the 2019 Christmas event to have a timer counting down the hours before it would be gone.
  • The Shadow Dragon was the only Robux pet that players could purchase in the 2019 Halloween Event for 1000 robux, same price as the frost dragon.

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