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Dominus Formidulosus – Roblox Limited

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Currently 90,000 Robux.
Worth $900/£664/€795READ BEFORE BUYING

⬤ All Limited’s are 100% Clean
While buying, please add your username in the box at checkout
While buying, make sure you have parents permission if you are under 16
While buying, please be patient. Shipping takes 5 minutes – 6 hours (I might be sleeping)
 You will need a small limited to trade and roblox premium!
⬤ After you buy, please chat with us on the website to arrange delivery
⬤ I will then send you a trade and give you the item/items.
⬤ Please don’t panic or spam if I don’t reply right after you buy. I might be sleeping or out. I will text you as soon as I will be back. (Note that I live in UK, therefore time zones might differ)

In stock

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My name is Rebecca – As you might know already from eBay 🙂

All pets here we have in stock and ready to trade you. If you have questions please message me on the facebook live chat on the right hand side of this page.

How do we get the pet? – Once you purchase you can either message us on the chat down below with your username or email us at: and I will share with you the username we are using 🙂

Pets are normally traded within 5 minutes, but please remember we are UK based and cut off time for transfer is 11pm GMT Until 9am GMT.

We have HUNDREDS of proofs, plus we accept paypal so If there are any issues we will refund you. Price promise. – If you have any issues with the pet just drop us an email and we are here to help.

Why buy from you? – We are 100% trusted and have many transactions to prove it.

Why buy pets? – There are alot of scams out there and sometimes if you want a pet you need to trade one or more for the one you want, its more cost effective to buy the pet to make a neon or mega. without giving other pets away for it.

All transactions are recorded for proof of delivery. There are no returns or refunds due to the nature of this item being virtual. If a child under the age of 18 buys this we will ofcourse refund.


Rebecca x


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