13th March

Postage issues.

I think there was an issue with postage. people could not buy which our devs have now fixed.

If you had issues please live chat with us and get a 5% discount for the issue that was our fault πŸ™‚

Thank you

Rebecca x

02 March – Roblox Usernames


This blog is really to tell you that when you order you MUST give me your usernames. From now any order that I get and I don’t have your username (Unless you are a regular customer πŸ™‚ I will refund within 7 days if I don’t hear from you. I don’t get many but People think I am scamming them and then realise they have 4 million emails from me asking for their username! Haha.

Message on the live chat or via email, I am around 9am – 11.30pm GMT (UK Time) Unless an order for pets comes in and im still awake or on the computer I will fulfill the order.

This is really just a message to remind you that I need your username and we need to be friends in order to trade in the game Adopt Me.

Thank you πŸ™‚


26th Feb Server Update

Over night we did a server update, our servers are now based in the Netherlands.


New pets will be added today and will be in stock. I’ll be around most of the day today, so if you need me just message me on the live chat And I’ll reply πŸ™‚



some new site updates are coming today including mobile functions my developer has told me which is nice πŸ™‚

It’s 10am for me so any of the orders from last night will be done today πŸ™‚


Rebecca x

23rd Feb Update

New pets are on the way!

If you have any pets that you would like please message us and we will resver the pet for you. We have some new pets coming Wednesday, even some new megas!

Blog coming soon.

I am creating a new blog on how parents can stop they’re kids from getting scammed on adopt me online. We have had our little ones scammed many times. Once we explained they could only trade when we were there they understood the value of pets and what they are worth. Kids don’t understand the “value” of these pets so do bad trades. Then they cry or feel upset once the found out that it was a bad trade and they then call that “scammed” when really they where not scammed in the way you think. The person sometimes tells your kids that if they give them a free pet in return they will get their dream pet (or dp) which is not what happens they run. In the blog post I tell you how you can find these scammers and get your pet back.


People have reported that the search does not search only shows a drop down which my website designers are working on to fix πŸ™‚