Please if you order send me your username as I am now starting to refund people who have not giving the usernames. Its makes us look like scammers when you have not received your pet! And its waiting for you.

Email me:

Also from today I will be on a break, I have spent the last 5 months on here none stop and just need a break. I am around but you must message me on the chat if you want the pet like asap. Thank you! x

Rebecca, Owner x

New Email

Hi thanks for checking out these updates.


I have added alot of new pets, the prices will be changed in the next week as its over 400 pets!


We have issues with our email, its on a spam list due to the server being in Netherlands. But if you cant email us please use my new email: rebeccabuyadoptmepets(@)

Just take out the brackets 🙂


Rebecca x

Buy Adopt Me Pets Online

Adopt me is among the most played games with more than 50 million users every month. This game’s primary focus is to create a world where the adoption of pets, raising, and collecting various pets is possible. The player is allowed to decorate their houses and unlock vehicles. The player can do most of these activities without paying a single coin, but they are motivated to sell items that enable them to adopt rarer pets as they progress.

There are five main types of pets the player can access;

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Ultra-rare
  • Legendary

When the player buys an expensive egg, they have a high chance of hatching rarer pets. Presently, there are about 74 pets players can hatch in this game.

Event is another type of pet you can purchase, with pumpkin and scoob being the two available as of now. These are temporary, and after some time, they are eliminated from the inventories. Like the common pets, this age fast. While in the inventory, these pets are categorized together with common items, pets, and vehicles.

Pets can be classified using different criteria.

Rarity pets include pets under the following categories;

  • Event pets
  • Common pets
  • Uncommon pets
  • Rare pets
  • Ultra rare pets
  • Legendary

Purchasing these pets is through obtaining specific types of eggs. For instance, when you want to buy jungle pets, you must obtain a jungle egg.

Robux pets

These pets are those that cost the player Robux, and some of them are unavailable and can only be obtained through trading. For instance, horse pet which is an ultra-rare pet goes for 300, and it is available. Guardian Lion, a legendary pet, goes for 199.

Gamepass pets

These pets, unlike the Robux pets, are always available. Some of these pets include;

  • Horse
  • Sloth
  • Robo Dog
  • Griffin
  • Panda
  • Guardian Lion
  • Kitsune

Event pets

These are pets obtained during specific events such as;

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Winter holiday

To sum up, Adopt me game is the most favorite game played by most people. It is interesting because you do not only get to purchase pets but also get free pets. We have many in stock to buy, check them out here.


24th March Trustpilot

Hii new customers and old, we have added trustpilot and would love you to review us! We are looking at building up the reviews of happy customers. And if your not happy we will really try to help you 🙂

Any one who reviews us will get 15% off coupon to use at any time! Thank you for your support and I am here to help you with our new chat system. Our new one is a bit more happier and friendly 😀

Thank you


21st March – Update


Just want to say thank you for everyone who has ordered. We are nearly out of stock of everything and will be updating all stock in the coming week. Its getting very hard to get pets as people want you to over pay.

New features!

The website now features a system where you can pay a minimum price. So for instance if the product has “Suggested price: £xxx” this means you can offer a price so it might be £10/$10 but if you offer say £8/$8 it might get accepted and that’s the price you pay! Pretty cool. If you want to pay full price you can do that too. Or pay in the middle you can. The lower price is the minimum I will accept for the pet or item.


We have a lot of people who can not afford the price of pets. We really try to make them cheap as possible but we price them on the amount of pets we have to give. We could buy pets for robux off people but there is a high risk of you and us getting banned. We find it slightly unethical too. We ONLY trade for our pets.

So coming soon we will be doing sweepstakes where you can buy a ticket and have a 1 in 200 chance of getting it. These are fantastic odds, and the winner will be picked at random. It will be recorded and uploaded to the website to show no foul play. We did this before on eBay and it was an instant hit! BUT eBay does not allow this to happen so we will now be doing on here. You have a real chance to win a pet.

First pet to be added is a mega shadow dragon! ticket will be £4 (It will convert into your currency) and 200 will be sold. Once 200 are sold, we will announce a winner! this will be recorded and both our names will be hidden.