Buy Adopt Me Pets Discord UPDATED

I’m setting up a discord (I think I’m mad) I want to build a community. Its always been my dream to have a lot of people in a discord community helping each other with pets. I know there will be a lot of scammers so I’m working getting a system up. Hope you enjoy it and any thing you need message me on there. I will have some new things added in there over time, so be first and join the discord link below. Rules apply in there, but just so you are aware if I get any rudeness I have the right to block you and fully refund you with or without proof if your rude.

i do this as a my full time job and talk to hundreds of people per day. So you need to be patient. If your not, and spam my chat 9/10 you carried out fraud and want the pet asap. Im a mum with two amazing kids, so if i take time I am sorry but my kids come first. Please, please, please when ever messaging me use your order number so i know who you are. It takes me time going through orders and finding you x

If I get fraudsters misusing the discord i will be deleting it. COMING SOON

That like will take you to the discord. Thank you!

NEW LINK- JULY 3RD 2022 – This is a brand new community with giveaways soon! Join now