We have had reports from people getting scammed by starpets.gg They either do not give you the pets or the “bot” they use hacks your account and removes all of your pets! PLEASE BE AWARE!

9 thoughts on “starpets.gg Review – DO NOT BUY

    they arent a scam i bought a parrot and it worked stop tryna get money for pets and tell people to stay away from real websites that work and use yours which probs doesent even work.

      For real i already bought from star pets gg and these people lying so they don’t buy from star pets and buy from them for 10x TIME more expensive LOOL

    hi my name sarah dahan and i payed like 27 euro for a parrot here and why u guys blocked my messages?

    i tried to exchange my pets for other pets but it said item prices changed.! i’ve refreshed??

    Starpets dolandırıcı değil asıl siz dolandırıcısınız pet alan kişilere petlerini vermemiş ve engellemişsiniz !

    L starpets.gg better than this ugly site

    Buyadoptmepets.com ÇÖPPPPP ezzzzzzz

    #starpets.gg bu siteden çok daha iyi ve insanlar dolandırıcı olduğunuzu söylüyor ?

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