Pet Pricing Right Now

As you can prob see pet prices are skyrocketing right now. We have stopped selling some pets until the prices calm down as I have to charge nearly three times the price for a normal FR frost dragon right now. Im refusing to buy pet and I refuse to sell them for these ridiculous prices.

How do you get pets?

We trade for 65% of our pets the other part we either buy from sellers or trade robux for them. We make sure all our pets are clean and not “dupped” or stolen from other kids. But right now sellers who sell pets are charging crazy prices and I refuse to buy them. If more people stop buying them for this price they will tank back down to the original price.

There is not even a high demand of players right now in adopt me so Im not sure why pet prices are shooting to the moon.

We will sell all the normal pets again once the prices come down x