Hi Sorry for anyone who has messaged me, but we now have a new chat system. Please dont message saying “where is my pet” as i have no idea who you are. Sorry. Please message with your order number or name of the person who ordered. Thank you!

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    hey, I’m kiki my Gmail is kikiangel494@gmail.com and I have two orders (#18495 AND #18409) pls contact me as soon as possible and let me know when I will get my pets!! no rush tho xx

      I bought a few pets and was wondering what I need to do next! 😊My order number is 18616

    Hey so I ordered a pink cat and I’m just waiting patiently for it! I can’t wait to have it bc it has been one of my dream pets for the longest time! The order number is #18160. And my email is mischelle14@gmail.com. take ur time I’m not rushing xx

    Hi Rebecca. Would you please email me? Order #’s are: 18453 and 18190. I know you are busy, we are patently waiting. Just ordered the 18190 on July 21. Thank you in advance.

    Rebecca – I’m getting nervous I still have gotten our pets. If you don’t have what I wanted, just let me know. I ordered 4 Neon Cows – which could be replaced with a Mega Neon — Order Number is 18190 this was placed on 7/21. The next pet I ordered was a Shadow Dragon this was placed on Sunday 7/24, I know we are in the US and you are in UK – Can we please get together today? There isn’t a chat, so I’m not sure when to go online or when you will send me a friend request. I’m getting nervous that we were scammed. My Roblox User Id is jackiebeans001. My son is driving me nuts about his pets. Please let me know as soon as possible. my email is jackie.gagnon@jmfamily.com.

    Hi I ordered a bat dragon my order number is 18657 when will I get it?

    Hey, I ordered a Bat Dragon that is FR. My order Number is 18657. Im a bit anxious I’ve bought 2 times from you guys but with you guys not using face book and the live chat being gone its a been a bit hard lol! My Roblox username is cuteasianfemal3 please get back to me. 🙂 <3

      please respond im very scared I sent emails too

    I ordered a shadow dragon. Wondering when I’ll get it. I’ve ordered from you in the past. Please message me when you Have the order ready. Ty

    I ordered a shadow dragon. Wondering when I’ll get it. I’ve ordered from you in the past. Please message me when you Have the order ready. Ty


    HI Guys, PLEASE DO NOT USE FACEBOOK. I will not reply. People are messaging me up to 6 times on different platforms. This is delaying orders for HOURS. It’s not fair for other people ordering. PLEASE USE CHAT. If it says im not online, im not online. Orders are litterly taking 12 hours due to people messaging multiple times. Doing this simply delays it longer as i have to message you 4/5 even 6 times?! Use only chat. message your order number. AND WAIT. If you cant wait, please dont order and ask for a refund, as it delays so many other great customers. I would rather refund you as its only me who delivers the pets and really cant cope with people nagging 500 times for pets when your in a queue.

    Thank you


      Hi, Rebecca did you disable chat? I can’t access it I messaged you then it disappeared

    Just use chat and wait. If you say im scamming you will be instantly banned for life and refunded in full. I have over 200+ reviews on trust pilot. Due to more people

    1. ordering
    2. trying to message 500 times

    Orders are taking longer. Its that simple. I will get to you ASAP XX

    OK so I ordered a neon golden penguin and you said you had no more am I right?

    It’s been 24 hours since I ordered. #18742
    Not trying to nag, just stating a fact.

    Order number is #18292 for a FR Frost Dragon. Roblox username is @xClxudy_Bears. Order placed on 7/22/22 by Mary J. Thank you!

    Hi I ordered a neon bear, mega polar bear, an elephant and a turtle. I’m not saying your a scam I am just a tad bit worried but I do understood that this takes a long time. Pls get back to be soon. Email is ratiganevelyn@gmail.com and I hope to talk later! Order number is 27862

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